Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UKS Cyber Crop

Woot another exhausting weekend coming up. UK scrappers cyber crops are brilliant fun and this one is the biggest ever. Basically we scrap and chat all weekend. It starts a 5pm on Friday and finishes at 5pm on Sunday.

What about this for a fun weekend -
Friday 24th November
5pm Welcome Chat
Meet up in the chatroom as we prepare to get started
6pm class Notions and Potions
You’ll be a stamp addict after this stunning class with Mystik Nat
7pm challenge Charms
8pm KIT CLASS MagicalLynz puts those sequins to magical use in this class from Memory Avenue
9pm Chat
chance to grab a quick coffee before getting stuck in again to some classes
10pm KIT CLASS Spellbound Smiles
Grab those lippy chick books and make something special with Tracie from Little Cottage Crafts
11pm Chat
still up and busy? ome for a chat whilst you await the next challenge
12am midnight challenge Marauders map
Saturday 25th November
6am early bird Chat
wakey wakey rise and shine
7am early bird challenge Olivanders
8am KIT CLASS Golden Snitch
dig out those beads as allyf shows you how to make your own golden snitch bracelet
9am Chat
if you’ve had an early start you’ll be ready for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich about now
10am challenge Divination
11am class Its Magic
You’ll need a quote to go with this gorgeous layout from Lousette
12noon lunch
time to take a break
1pm KIT CLASS Magic in the MiddleA fresh look at composition with Shimelle
2pm challenge Transfiguration
3pm tea break
time for tea and more chatter in the chatroom
4pm class Bewitched
Have a go at this creative class with Debbie70, you’ll never look at a sketch in the same way again
5pm challenge Madame Malkin
6pm Chat
early evening chat
7pm KIT CLASS Diagon Alley
a new take on the minibook with Gill from The Scrapbook Shop
8pm Saturday Night Games
to be announced nearer to the weekend
10pm Class Wishes
try a home made transparency with mei_lye
11pm Chat
late night chat session for all you night owls
12am midnight challenge History of Magic
Sunday 26th November
6am early bird chat
meet up in the chatroom for some early morning coffee and chat
7am early bird challenge The Burrow
8am class Herbology
Have a go with some paper layering in this stunning class by Kazc
9am chat
morning coffee time
10am Class Professor Sprout
A super class in hand cutting/sewing by Gertie
11am BINGO
Meet in the chatroom for our favourite cybercrop game.
12noon class You’re Magic
Stuff shows some hidden magic on this fabulous layout
1pm lunch
short break for lunch before our final afternoon of cybercropping
2pm class Magic Mirrors
A fabulous distressing class by Karina
3pm chat
time to grab a quick cuppa on our final afternoon break
4pm challenge Ancient Runes
Double Potions
5pm upload deadline
7pm kids chat
clear the chatroom coz the kids are taking over for a while
9pm End of Term chat
meet up in the chatroom for the End of Term Party and to find out who won the school awards

I've managed to buy 3 of the Kits and I can't wait to get started. Hopefully the family will understand my enthusiasm and leave me to get on with it (in my dreams). BTW I'm in

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A gift for Joanne Ward ...

I don't know Joanne but I was inspired to create this LO and send it to Kirsty (I know know her either)! Kirsty posted an appeal on UKS asking for happy 6x6 LOs she could give to her friend who has Cancer. She has collated all the LOs and will present them to Joanne on 10th November. Kirsty's Blog show the over whelming response she has received

Unforunately I didn't get a wonderful photo and the LO has now been sent :(
(The pile picture is Kirsty's - better give credit where it is due as she is a photographer!)See her blog - http://limegreenbogiegirl.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 06, 2006

Shimelle's classes

I have done virtually nothing with Shimelle's 'You think you know me class' I loved the prompts and work book but I really found it difficult to be inspired. The advantage with Shimelle's classes are that you receive a pdf so you can save the prompts and do them at any time.

The dilema I have now though is do I sign up for Shimelle's Christmas class. This includes 37 prompts! It sounds like great fun - BUT and yes it is a big BUT as I have never yet finished one of her classes should I really be signing up for another?