Monday, July 10, 2006

So now I'm 39! I'm going grey - What's all the fuss?

OK my birthday has been an gone - I'm 39! Age has never bothered me - I really can't understand the hang up with age. I certainly don't feel 39 - I suppose I look it. LOL I'm going grey - am I bovered? NO! I really can't see the point of trying to kid everyone and dye my hair!

Over the weekend Stu took me out for a meal - whilst I was waiting for the meal I looked around me - I noticed 2 ladies with natural grey hair - did they look ancient? did they look out of place? No they look great - good for them I thought! If they can do it so can I!

As I had just had my hair cut on Friday the grey is now more prominent. When Mum saw it she commented and said I should dye it. Grief even my own mother doesn't know me enough to realise I really don't see the point. Does this make me a slob - someone who doesn't care what they look like?

Why oh why can't people look their age?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sewing free ......

Yay the outfit has gone in the post today.

Hannah finishes school next Tuesday so I really need to finish the teachers scrapbook - hopefully the children will have sorted themselves out and will give me their pages today.

I recieved the Altered Art kit yesterday and I'm now wondering what I have got myself into! The kit came with two project sheets which uses less than half the stash. I have no idea what to do with the rest!

Anyway tomorrow is another day - hopefully full of wonderful surprises!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Where is the year going to? I'll soon be 39 :)I feel much less. Stuart has been asking what I want for my birthday - he doesn't seem to have picked up the hints about a craft robo.

Craft wise I've been working hard on the Christening outfit for my godson. I've finally finished the draft and nearly finished the shoes. Hopefully I'll get it in the post tomorrow so I can get some feedback over the weekend and start the actual outfit.

I also need to get a move on with Hannah's teachers scrapbook. I have asked all the children in her class to scrap an A4 page of themselves - from a class of 25 I have received 9 so not too bad. I now need to put it all together and add a few general pages.

I've also signed up for a jigsaw swap - to make matters worse its an altered art swap. Two firsts there! Rather sad, but I'm quiet excited. Every day I get home hopeful that the kit has arrived but the post seems to be sooooo slow.

I have ordered the July kit from

Maybe today it will arrive?