Friday, November 30, 2007

What have I done?!

I really don't know what I was thinking! I blame Lemon she told me about it and knows I have no will power. I've signed up for this. There is no way on earth I have time for it - but I suppose the ideas can sit for a year and still be wonderful.

I just hope they are not too wonderful that I'm tempted. At the moment I'm doing my daily reading and posting for the Purpose Driven Life, trying to finish DD's Faery tale book, trying to finish Mum's Home Sweet Home Canvas, trying to finish Dad's pressie (can't post what it is as he does read here). I've also not started all these projects I bought - my Godson's book, neice and newphew's books and my children's godparent's pressie(can't post what it is as she does read here sometimes).

Plus tomorrow the above class and Shimelles' christmas journal starts!

I also purchased the Bubbly Funk Kit but I'm definately not touching it - honest!

Friday, November 23, 2007

A purpose driven life

Another project! - I think I'm drowning in them but this is something I felt I really had to do. I'm adding daily posting on Faithscrappers based on Rick Warren's book for open discussion. I'm rather excited but also daunted by this - I'm really out of my comfort zone but sometimes these things just have to be done.

Another page

Page 5 of my DD's Faery tale book

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More pages - Once upon a time

I am really pleased with how this album is coming together

This page is actually only half size and ends at the ribbon

Hopefully DD will love it - but it is taking ages and I have loads of other Christmas project to be getting on with.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Once upon a time

This is the first page of the Faery Album for my daughter's Christmas Present. I'm really hoping I will have time to finish it along with the projects for my Mum, Dad, books for my niece, nephew and godson, project for the kid's godmother and my brother! Eeek it's only just over 5 weeks.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dear Father Christmas

Talk about being prepared - as I'm getting ready for Christmas, DD thought she would too and she did her letter for Father Christmas. I've taken out her name and that of DS

Accents and extras

More doodling - again we were encouraged to copy images and ideas from the book. I still haven't had the courage to actually doodle on a layout yet but I'm sure I'll get there.

For those of you who love Christmas check out Shimelle's site - she is taking sign ups to her Christmas album. I signed up for this last year and although I only managed to do two pages the prompts were brilliant. The added bonus is that once you sign up you automatically receive the prompts each year. So I have my album from last year and I've bought loads of Christmas papers, stickers etc and I'm ready to go.

Whilst talking about Christmas - I will have a very excited DD as I've agreed for her to bring home the school Degas. No it's not a painter/sculpture but an animal! I have no idea what it looks like or how to look after it but the school assure me that DD will know what to do well before we bring it home! As a member of the animal club, DD will learn what to do in plenty of time. I really hope this will not cause problems with DSs asthma and DHs allergies as it took some serious pursuading with DH.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I'm getting ready for Christmas already and hope to make loads of pressies this year. I've loads of ideas and just hope I get around to starting and finishing them. I've nearly finished the first and hope to post a picture of it over the weekend.

Anyway yesterday I went to Topaz Crafts with my crafty friend Carol to buy some 'Once upon a time' papers for DH's present. These are beautiful papers and I ended up buying the paper pack, two sets of ribbons and chipboard shapes from the range - plus some glitter glue, dragonfly brads and unicorn stickers.

When we were leaving the Mill Carol spotted a quilting shop. "Do we have time to pop in" she asks - emm be quick was the fatal reply. I've looked longingly at quilting and decided I should stay well clear as I dodn't want another hobby. Well the quick look for Carol ended up with me buying two projects! A patchwork bag and Autumn Angel. Why oh why did I let her pop in?