Friday, February 24, 2006

Time Flies

WOW I hadn't realise how long it was since I updated my Blog. So much has gone on. Thomas had his opperation and is now a happy chappy. Its amazing how different he is - great fun and I am really enjoying being with him now.

I've just returned from Watford where I visited my best friend - she has just had her first baby. What a sweety! I had a long cuddle - luckily I didn't get broody. Couldn't bare the thought of starting again or all the stitches!

Anyway I was delighted to be asked to be Godmother! Hannah was thrilled also as this sort of makes her God daughter! She has never let me forget that she wanted this couple as Godparents. Even though they are Thomas' Godparents they treat both my children the same. So now the relationship is even closer - I'm so thrilled. I've started a scrap book for the baby. Once I get the parents permission I'll post some pages.

Oh yea I forgot to add that I the family tree bug was too strong. I got hooked - I'm a real push over! Anyway Stuart's Dad was really pleased and turned up with loads of info. Just another hobby to add to the already too long list. Actually Stuart says he wishes I had hobbies instead of obsessions.

Hopefully I'll have time with all my 'obsessions' to not leave updating this for too long.

Have fun all

S x

Friday, February 03, 2006

Office Move

Having been told that we would not be moving offices until next week I turned up to work in a skirt and 3inch heels. Guess what - I'm now trying to pack boxes and run up and down the stairs - I hope they have good insurance as I'm sure I'm taking my life in my own hands. Luckily we are not moving the boxes until Monday when I shall come appropriately dressed. Hopefully the weather will be warmer too!

I'll certainly need to put my feet up tonight. Shame the diet doesn't allow me a glass of wine. However, with all the exercise I'm sure a Balieys coffee won't go amiss.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back Home

Its my first day back home since Monday - I've been staying at my parents. I'm not sure where to start - should I be really good and do the cleaning or the ironing - or start some of my scrapping/AJ/card making? I've loads to do. Emm I've also some sewing to finsh for a wedding in 2 weeks.

I've decided I've too many hobbies - I've partly done projects all over the place. Perhaps I'll list them this weekend and prioritise them - I'm sure I'll get a shock how many I've started.

Without searching I know I have 5 scrapping pages to finish, a star book to finish, 2 AJ pages to do, a CJ to finish, this years calender to finish, the wedding sewing already mentioned, a valentines card to make, I've no idea how much knitting, cross stitch, beading, 4 cutains, trousers to take up ...... the list is endless!

I'm off to iron and clean so the house is reasonable for when Stuart gets home. Maybe I'll get some projects done this weekend - or maybe it will take me all weekend to find and list them.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Having just watched Julien Clary trace his family tree I wonder about my family. Stuart says its a shame that our Grandparents died with so much knowledge which we never bother to ask them.

Dad tells me that my Great Grandmother, Eleanor Sidebotham, was never married when she had her first child, Nelly and her partner, Frank Drabble died in the war at the Dardenells, Turkey. That must have been a real scandle. Appartently the Salvation Army helped her.

On my Mum's side of the family my Grandmother also had a child before she married. Again the Salvation Army stepped in to help.

Its no wonder our family have such strong links with the Sally Army!

In 1805 James Firth Thomas was Christened in Manchester Cathedral - he was on my father's side - my Granddad, also James Firth Thomas was born 1908.

I find it amazing to hear and would love to do some research - but wonder when I shall find the time!