Monday, July 10, 2006

So now I'm 39! I'm going grey - What's all the fuss?

OK my birthday has been an gone - I'm 39! Age has never bothered me - I really can't understand the hang up with age. I certainly don't feel 39 - I suppose I look it. LOL I'm going grey - am I bovered? NO! I really can't see the point of trying to kid everyone and dye my hair!

Over the weekend Stu took me out for a meal - whilst I was waiting for the meal I looked around me - I noticed 2 ladies with natural grey hair - did they look ancient? did they look out of place? No they look great - good for them I thought! If they can do it so can I!

As I had just had my hair cut on Friday the grey is now more prominent. When Mum saw it she commented and said I should dye it. Grief even my own mother doesn't know me enough to realise I really don't see the point. Does this make me a slob - someone who doesn't care what they look like?

Why oh why can't people look their age?

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