Friday, February 09, 2007

Different Focus ...

Well I am using my new 2007 word but in a completely different direction to that intended. Following a school advert requesting people to join the parent's choral society I signed up and started practicing Faure's Requim. I love this work and realised how much I'm missing my singing. At last weeks rehersal flyers were put out about a concert of Karl Jenkin's Armed Man.
I know very little of this work - I love 'Palladio' and DH bought me a compilation of Jenkin's work which had this track and 3 tracks from the Armed Man. I liked them and couldn't believe a local choir was singing it. Anyway the end shot is I've joined that choir too and now sing twice a week. The school concert has about 6 rehersals and the Jenkins concert only 4! Plus at the first Jenkin's rehersal another choir in Prestbury were asking for people to join a singing day - this could spiral and loose focus but atm I'm really enjoying myself.

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