Friday, April 27, 2007

Today's the day

It's Cyber Crop mania again on UKS and everything starts at 6.30 this evening. Unfortunately it starts in the chat room which I can't access so I can't start until 7pm when the first class is posted. I'm really looking forward to the first two classes which sound really different.

Tomorrow is Shimelle's class
and thanks to Lemon I have one of her kits which are so cute. Apparently I'm not to say any more as it will spoil the surprise.

As long as I'm not rushed off my feet tomorrow I'll pop on and post any classes I manage to finish.

The rules have changed this CC and we have to upload each day's classes or challenges by midday the next day. I assume this saves the server being over worked on the last day with everyone leaving uploads until the last minute.

Here is the timetable -
6:30pm -Welcome chat
Come and join us in the Chatroom as we kick off the Wonderland Weekend

7:00pm - Class 1 - Ace in our Heart by sugar almond
a stunning class using paint with Em

8:00pm - Class 2 - Through the Keyhole by Margaret, Artbase *kit class*
an adorable tag and key class from Margaret

9:00pm - Chat
time for a short break and a cup of tea

10:00pm - Class 3 - Curiouser and Curiouser by Mystik Nat
dust off those unloved scissors for this class in decorative edging with Nat

11:00pm - Challenge 1 - The Dormouse

12:00midnight - Challenge 2 - Don't Lose the Plot

Saturday 28th April

7:00am - Early Bird Chat

8:00am - Class 4 - Love Life with Lianne
needles at the ready for a stitching class with Lianne

9:00am - Class 5 getting ready for a... Tea Party - whatkatiedid
have you always wanted to try digital scrapbooking? then who better to start you off with an amazing layout than Katie

10:00am - Challenge 3 Time for Tea (Chase the Ace or FlowerPOT)
Hysteri-CAL has set us this fun challenge, you'll need an old teapot for this one!

11:00am - Class 6 - Queen of Hearts by Sarah, Jillybeans *kit class*
keep those needles handy, as Sarah has you stitching some more in this gorgeous class

12noon - Class 7 - A Great Big Squeeze by ria979902
hang onto those scraps, and Maria shows you how you can use them to create a fabulous layout

1:00pm - lunchtime chat
time to grab some lunch and catch up with team mates after a busy morning, but hurry... you won't want to be late for this afternoons activities!

2:00pm - Challenge 4 - The Cheshire Cat

2:30pm - Kids Game - Scavenger Scrap
A very fast fun game for the kids which starts off in the chatroom - its important we start at 2:30 so don't be late

3:00pm - Class 8 - Drink Me by Shimelle *kit class*
Shimelle's first class today is a teeny tiny little minibook to shrink all your memories

4:00pm - Class 9 - The Box of Sweets by Shimelle
staying with Shimelle, we now do a layout gone BIG!

5:00pm - Teatime Chat
You've been working hard so time for a tea-break

6:00pm - Class 10 - Where does the time go? by Rebecca, Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash
Rebecca takes those daily routines and creates a treasured layout

7:00pm - Class 11 - P for Princess - debly
Deb has a fantastic collage layout for you to have a go with

8:00pm - GAME - Bingo

9:00pm - Tweedledum & Tweedledee

10:00pm - Challenge 5 - Painting the Roses Red

11:00pm - Late Night Chat
burning the midnight oil? check out the chatroom for some catchup chat

12midnight - Challenge 6 - Empty Me

Sunday 29th April

7:00am - Early Bird Chat
wakey wakey rise and shine, one more day in Wonderland

8:00am - Challenge 7 - Mad Natters Hat Party
a fun little project set by Nat

9:00am - Class 12 - Shrink Me by Jean, 3djean
a totally cute class from Jean using shrink plastic

10:00am - Class 13 - Tea Party by Sarah.W
big bold patterned paper is the order of the day with Sarah's class

11:00am - Class 14 - Balloony by Mole
ribbons galore in this class with Gill

12noon - Challenge 8 - Off With Her Head!

1:00pm - Challenge 9 - Garden of Live Flowers

2:00pm - Kids Bingo
its the kids turn to play BINGO!

2:00pm - Quiz

3:00pm - Challenge 10 - an Unbirthday Celebration

4:00pm - Challenge 11

7:00pm - Kids Chatroom Party
clear the chatrooms and make way for our mini mad hatters to get in there and Party!

9pm - Chat Room Party
meet your Queens in the chatroom for a farewell to Wonderland party

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