Friday, July 13, 2007

Kirsty comes up trumps!

What a brilliant day we had yesterday. I visited Kirsty Wiseman for a photo shoot. As I drove over the Great British weather did as expected - drizzled!

But Kirsty was full of enthusiasm and started taking shots in her scrap room/ studio. What a room - scrappers heaven!

DS was his usual self saying no to everything - even the chocolate bribe. Then suddenly he joined in and smiled so sweetly. Kirsty was so patient and let him come and go as he pleased.

Then surprise the drizzle lifted and we were left with reasonable weather! So off to the local park and more shots
DD posed to her heart content

even I didn't escape!

DS continued to sulk now and then

but in the end played along

DD is over the moon at being 'famous' as Kirsty's blog is viewed world wide and all these photo's are on there.

So I now have the difficult task of whittling down the hundred or so photos to the number I can afford to buy :(

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