Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If we’re not creating something, there’s a good chance we’ll start destroying something.

"If we’re not creating something, there’s a good chance we’ll start destroying something." Ed Cyzewski

I read this today Creating Space: The Case for Everyday Creativity  and it really spoke to me.  I'm currently going through a weird journey - self discovery or mid life crisis?  I've no idea where I'm heading but it appears I am rekindling my faith, joy of life, readdressing my art output and deepening my family relationships.  Everything is changing and growing. 

Today I had so many revelations through FaceBook and two friends who I have not seen in years (thank you Carolyn and Bernice). 

“I seek distractions in order to avoid the struggle of creating. Creating is hard. Distracting myself is really, really easy.

This phrase spoke to me as I honestly feel that the depression I have been suffering from stems from me finding distractions so I have an 'easier' life.  These distractions however are slowly destroying me.  So often I am frustrated and seeking something.  Creativity is a gift I've been avoiding as I always strive for perfection and feel I have inadequate knowledge to do it justice.  Not creating takes away this need for perfection but is obviously destroying my soul.  Also filling my life with distractions is taking me away from my family, faith, creativity and even myself. 

I'm on a new journey - I may share some of this with you and hopefully I won't be distracted or too scared to walk this new path.

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