Monday, March 20, 2006

What a great weekend

For a change we had a brilliant weekend. Saturday I woke up full of energy and ready to go. I rushed around cleaning and tidying and managed to do the whole house and bathrooms in just over an hour! I'm sure the pull of the all day crop inspired me to move fast. So off I went and scrapped my heart out. I had a great day and actually completed a LO with picture! Only problem is I spent all my Bonanza savings - I've now 8 weeks to save again.

Sunday we went to the park. Hannah and Thomas both had a great time running about and playing. We definately need to get Thomas a ball as he beelined them every time he saw one. Great idea for Easter rather than an egg! In the afternoon we had a great time playing at home whilst Stuart was a real love and washed and cleaned the cars.

TV wise it was J LO weekend. We watched Shall we Dance and Maid in Manhatten. The first was OK but the latter was very funny - even Stu enjoyed it. Last night I ironed to Love Actually - brilliant film - I never seem to tire of it.

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