Monday, March 06, 2006

Another reminder that time files ....

I can't believe I've been married for 16 years!! Stuart has really spoilt me by buying 16 roses and taking me out for a meal.

The roses are beautiful and make me smile every time I walk past them.

The meal was great - we tried somewhere new - real gamble - it was great. The food was brilliant and the service worth every penny.

We are supposed to be buying each other a printer but this is proving tricky as Stuart has no idea what to go for. Having studied Which magazine we have finally agreed on one which will hopefully product decent photos. I've loads of scrapbooking pages sat waiting for the pictures.

The family tree is growing very rapidly with information coming from all angles. Its great fun but seems to take loads of time and money!

My AJ has sliped to the bottom of the pile - hopefully I'll get some inspiration this week and I'll catch up with the missed weeks.

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