Friday, August 04, 2006


The Keswick Convention - wow what a buzz! Not only did we have great weather (a first) but we also had a really great time. Hannah had a wonderful time as her friend from last year, Elspeth, was there. They had kept in touch via Email and Elspeth had said they would not be there at the same time - but - surprise, surprise at the first service there she was. Hannah was over the moon! We hardly saw her again except meal times :)

I had a great time as Stuart looked after Thomas most of the time which freed me to attend all the services. It was so revitalising to attend church/bible study three times a day! I was also able to share them with my Dad so I had someone to talk them over with.

I'm now running around like a lunatic trying to wash, iron, work, sort, pack, clear sewing and artwork ready for our next holiday. Grief - who was it who thought it would be a good idea to only have a week in-between!

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