Friday, August 25, 2006

Yet more projects ...

I've signed up for Shimelle's latest course (see course page on link ->) also UKS have started blog prompts - here is todays

Treasure chest: you have a small chest and you’re going to place things in it that symbolise who you are, important milestones, etc. so that someone years after you’re gone will look at it and see the essence of you. For example, you might place a stethoscope if you’re a doctor or medical student, a Bible if your faith is important to you, etc. Which five items would you choose and why? No photographs (though you could use a camera if you're a photographer)...just symbolic items.

I'm going to have a really good think about this ... first thoughts -
marriage course notes (this covers two areas - church, who ran the course and my 16 year marriage)
my scrapbook albums these surely show my life
my computer? shows my interests
my work contract - its where I seem to spend most of my time - either at the location or studying for it!(oh I forgot to mention that - is it a project? supose so - I have a FPC exam in October)

I'll come back and update this when I have thought about it - if I find the time ...

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