Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Accents and extras

More doodling - again we were encouraged to copy images and ideas from the book. I still haven't had the courage to actually doodle on a layout yet but I'm sure I'll get there.

For those of you who love Christmas check out Shimelle's site - she is taking sign ups to her Christmas album. I signed up for this last year and although I only managed to do two pages the prompts were brilliant. The added bonus is that once you sign up you automatically receive the prompts each year. So I have my album from last year and I've bought loads of Christmas papers, stickers etc and I'm ready to go.

Whilst talking about Christmas - I will have a very excited DD as I've agreed for her to bring home the school Degas. No it's not a painter/sculpture but an animal! I have no idea what it looks like or how to look after it but the school assure me that DD will know what to do well before we bring it home! As a member of the animal club, DD will learn what to do in plenty of time. I really hope this will not cause problems with DSs asthma and DHs allergies as it took some serious pursuading with DH.

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