Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Having just watched Julien Clary trace his family tree I wonder about my family. Stuart says its a shame that our Grandparents died with so much knowledge which we never bother to ask them.

Dad tells me that my Great Grandmother, Eleanor Sidebotham, was never married when she had her first child, Nelly and her partner, Frank Drabble died in the war at the Dardenells, Turkey. That must have been a real scandle. Appartently the Salvation Army helped her.

On my Mum's side of the family my Grandmother also had a child before she married. Again the Salvation Army stepped in to help.

Its no wonder our family have such strong links with the Sally Army!

In 1805 James Firth Thomas was Christened in Manchester Cathedral - he was on my father's side - my Granddad, also James Firth Thomas was born 1908.

I find it amazing to hear and would love to do some research - but wonder when I shall find the time!

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