Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back Home

Its my first day back home since Monday - I've been staying at my parents. I'm not sure where to start - should I be really good and do the cleaning or the ironing - or start some of my scrapping/AJ/card making? I've loads to do. Emm I've also some sewing to finsh for a wedding in 2 weeks.

I've decided I've too many hobbies - I've partly done projects all over the place. Perhaps I'll list them this weekend and prioritise them - I'm sure I'll get a shock how many I've started.

Without searching I know I have 5 scrapping pages to finish, a star book to finish, 2 AJ pages to do, a CJ to finish, this years calender to finish, the wedding sewing already mentioned, a valentines card to make, I've no idea how much knitting, cross stitch, beading, 4 cutains, trousers to take up ...... the list is endless!

I'm off to iron and clean so the house is reasonable for when Stuart gets home. Maybe I'll get some projects done this weekend - or maybe it will take me all weekend to find and list them.

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