Friday, February 24, 2006

Time Flies

WOW I hadn't realise how long it was since I updated my Blog. So much has gone on. Thomas had his opperation and is now a happy chappy. Its amazing how different he is - great fun and I am really enjoying being with him now.

I've just returned from Watford where I visited my best friend - she has just had her first baby. What a sweety! I had a long cuddle - luckily I didn't get broody. Couldn't bare the thought of starting again or all the stitches!

Anyway I was delighted to be asked to be Godmother! Hannah was thrilled also as this sort of makes her God daughter! She has never let me forget that she wanted this couple as Godparents. Even though they are Thomas' Godparents they treat both my children the same. So now the relationship is even closer - I'm so thrilled. I've started a scrap book for the baby. Once I get the parents permission I'll post some pages.

Oh yea I forgot to add that I the family tree bug was too strong. I got hooked - I'm a real push over! Anyway Stuart's Dad was really pleased and turned up with loads of info. Just another hobby to add to the already too long list. Actually Stuart says he wishes I had hobbies instead of obsessions.

Hopefully I'll have time with all my 'obsessions' to not leave updating this for too long.

Have fun all

S x

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